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Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Eligible Bachelor Paradox and The Velociraptors of Doom

Among all animals, including homo sapiens, mating rituals require one of the sexes to strut their stuff to gain a mate. Fancy plumage, big horns, bellowing mating calls are just the ticket to attract the opposite sex, and of course pass on your genes. It works with people too, as the female of the species fluff themselves to hopefully marry a millionaire. Well, what worked in the 1950's doesn't hold water in this age of Aquarius. Which brings us to the eligible bachelor paradox, which I predict is leading us to a frightening evolutionary path.

Human bird of paradise: ca 1955

The eligible bachelor paradox simply holds that as attractive women hold out for the best catch, all the other men are being caught by women who may not be great lookers, but are decisive, and will harvest all the best mates before they reach maturity. So, as all these attractive picky females enter their thirties, they find that potential mates are as rare as Atlantic salmon, leaving them with the rubble of the masculine sex, namely Barney Rubble. My fear though is that if this trend continue, evolution will select women who aren't slinky, but sneaky, and will be fast, decisive, and know how to sink their claws into a potential mate. So, one hundred million years, from now, expect evolution to select a new form of female. I'm glad I won't be around!

Evolution's Next Top Model

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