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Saturday, March 22, 2008

On the Obama-Wright controversy: A letter from a Parallel Universe

...or when Wright makes might.


As a member of the First National Socialism Church of Nuremberg in a parallel universe near you, I can't help but sympathize with Barack and his embattled pastor. We Aryans know how it is to be a people crushed in spirit, segregated from others in the world community, lacking job opportunities, and discriminated by others, particularly the French. The leader of our nation wide church has given us our self respect after years of world wide discrimination and intermittent naval blockades. Sure, he's said a few cranky things about increasing our living space and the international Jewish conspiracy, and I would like you to know that I abhor and distance myself from these comments. But I cannot distance myself from the man no more than I can distance myself from my French grandmother who was insulted by Leipzig farm workers when strolling out to buy croissants.

Crazy old uncle Adolf

By working together and understanding each others views perhaps we can repair the divisions of the past and come together in a new more perfect union.

Heil Hitler!

Gustav Blowharde
Nuremberg, GE.
Alernative Earth no. 10238b

(Moral: Even if your wholesome glass of milk contains just 1% poison, it will still kill you.)

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