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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Evolution of Sarcasm

As an author who feels that most modern advances in psychology should be greeted with sarcasm instead of awe, it was good to find out recently that one anthropologist has determined that sarcasm likely had survival value among our caveman ancestors. It was a sort of 'verbal hammer' that connects people in social ways, and thus evolved into the sense of humor we enjoy today. Of course, the instinct was sublimated over the years as people used real hammers to make their social decisions. But in these modern days, our sarcasm instinct can breathe free, and who knows, it can now morph into new and more precise satirical instincts that can insure the survival of the species.

Indeed, I can just feel it now, a new instinct waiting to be born, namely the don't grant tenure/vote for/listen to idiots drive.

That instinct will be driving me to the polls this November.

Thank you evolution!!

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