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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hot Naked Pictures of Britney Spears

A Sad Commentary on our times

Ok, pal. Let’s have some straight talk.

I have spent a lot of time creating a web site that gives you a thoughtless yet inebriated overview of some pretty bad psychology, and how do you repay my efforts but by clicking on this page in hopes of seeing some naked pictures?

Frankly, I am very disappointed in you, and I am sure your family, friends, and co-workers would be disappointed as well. After all, Britney Spears is a great musical artist whose influence no doubt will span centuries. I am sure she would be highly bothered that you have a greater interest in her hot naked body than her exquisite music. I am also sure she would be even more upset that you intended to view her tightly toned tush and luscious breasts without ever paying her one cent in royalties!

But in spite of your ingratitude, I, Dr. Mezmer will do you a favor by not reporting you this time. Just look at the world of hurt you would’ve been in if you had opened this page to be greeted with Britney spread before you in all her naked virginal dripping glory? Instead of me being hard on yourself, you would be hard with yourself, and maybe just hard. Just think of the embarrassing possibilities!

If you were accessing this site at a college library, doubtless there will be some impressionable 18 year old girl who would catch a glance of Britney from a hundred feet back. I am sure she would be terribly offended that you could possibly take pleasure in such things, and will notify the campus police to hunt you down after they dust your chair for DNA.

You’ll be in a similar world of hurt if you caught a glimpse of Britney at your work. Your network administrator would note your time spent on the web page, and will soon conclude that nakedpicturesofbritneyspears.html. does not refer to an e-business site. So, you will be collared, cashiered, reprimanded, or even fired for your malicious and perverted waste of time.

And if you think you can get away with it at home, you can forget that too. And who will be your worst enemy? You! Besides infringing on Britney’s very copyrighted little butt, this could be the start of a terrible addiction. Once you start looking at naked pictures of Britney Spears, your wanderlust may never stop until you access every naked lady picture on the web. There will be no end to it until you complete your collection with French Postcards of Hillary Clinton. But by then it will be too late. Because by then you will have developed a tragic NAKED LADY ADDICTION that will soon absorb all your free time, and take you away from more wholesome pleasures like watching football games, playing video games, and napping.

Pretty soon you will unlearn all of those natural characteristics that make women so fascinating. You will picture in the buff every woman you meet, and sadly ignore those God given traits that make women so attractive, like their stylish hats, cute shoes, and scintillating conversation. Naked women should be kept where they belong, like Playboy magazine, cable TV, or behind the slits in your neighbor’s venetian blinds. Look for them anywhere else, and you’re just asking for trouble that can ruin your life.
Just consider yourself warned.

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