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Friday, October 22, 2004

Dr. Mezmer's Blog of Bad Psychology

The offical blog of Dr. Mezmer.

Mezmer in earlier life Posted by Hello

As the writer of the satirical psychology website of the same name, I have found it always easy to think of the ironies that sustain the ways we look at ourselves and our behavior, but have never had quite the time to write about it. Like an attic filled with the bric a brac of countless observations, I have decided to empty my mind out into this blog, seeing that I have scarcely the time to finesse my ideas for the formal essays that make up my main site. So here it is, a stream of my bizarre consciousness, laid out daily before you. Whether you find it good, bad, ugly, or just mispelled, this is my take on the human condition, tiny essays written in cybernetic vapor, bequeathed to the netherworld of the net.

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